Welcome New Physio Clyde Smith, B.Sc.

LifeMark Richmond Olympic Oval is thrilled to announce the addition of physiotherapist, Clyde Smith.

Clyde brings with him an extensive, elite level of patient care experience, having worked for several decades with some of Canada's leading Olympic and professional athletes.

 From the NHL and NBA to the Pan America Games, Clyde's experience and expertise, having been part of a wide range of medical teams serving a broad diversity of sport disciplines will be a tremendous asset to our Richmond Olympic Oval clinic.

Read Clyde's extensive bio here.

Pool Therapy Making Waves

There's no denying the fact that while sometimes gravity can be our friend, at other times, gravity can be an obstacle that limits our ability to function at optimum efficiency.

For example, after suffering an injury, rehabilitation can be tough enough without gravity getting in the way and making the road to recovery even harder.

Here at our LifeMark Richmond Olympic Oval clinic, we treat all kinds of injuries and ailments. Guiding a patient through recovery requires an ongoing regimen of treatment, including exercise.

On dry land, exercises like a simple squat can be an almost overwhelming endeavour for a patient rehabbing from something like hip surgery. Even walking without the aid of a cane or other stabilizing device, can be a real challenge.

But there is a way to beat gravity and help patients recover more easily, without fear and with a lot less pain... pool therapy!

Without the same degree of gravity pulling on our body, a patient's ability to gradually extend range of motion and perform walking and other exercises is greatly increased. And without the same resistance, patients suffer less pain and no longer fear losing balance and falling.

Our partners at LifeMark Esquimalt have produced this short video, featuring LifeMark Kinesiologist Jen Spaans illustrating how pool therapy with a patient recovering from a serious hip injury.